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Many women suffer from common issues, such as pelvic pain, incontinence and other similar conditions. Women’s health issues can be detrimental to mental, physical and social health, interfering with one’s lifestyle and enjoyment. However, you are not alone, and the good news is that you can be helped with the right physical therapy treatments.


Our physical therapists evaluate and treat patients suffering from urinary incontinence symptoms such as increased urinary frequency, leaking with coughing/sneezing, lifting, exercise or from a strong urge. These symptoms may be a result of weak or tight pelvic floor muscles, poor muscle coordination, abdominal strength or bladder habits.

Treatments may include muscle re-education, strengthening for weak pelvic floor muscles, soft tissue massage, bladder health education, biofeedback and core stabilization.

#1 best exercise for urinary leakage or incontinence


Kim Brown, physical therapist, demonstrates the #1 best exercise for urinary leakage or incontinence


Pelvic Pain

It is important to discover the root cause of pelvic pain. Our evaluations take into account the many symptoms associated with the pelvic area including abdominal pain, groin pain, pain with intercourse, difficulty with urination/defecation and bladder pain.

Pelvic muscle tension, weakness and poor muscle coordination may cause pelvic pain and may be a result of scar tissue restriction due to surgeries, a history of poor bladder/bowel habits, spine and pelvic joint dysfunction and episiotomy or tears from deliveries.

Treatments may include muscle re-education, strengthening and/or relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, postural education, soft tissue massage, lumbosacral alignment, and biofeedback.

Pregnancy Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Pregnancy demands a tremendous amount out of a women’s body. Changes in posture, muscle strength, ligament stability and pelvic alignment, can leave lasting, painful changes such as pelvic or back pain. However, having a child doesn’t mean that you have to live with the painful changes forever, and most women can have significant improvements in their pain and function with physical therapy.

Our physical therapists address the musculoskeletal components of pregnancy and postpartum issues, including incontinence, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and prenatal joint/muscle dysfunction. Weakness, poor muscle coordination, abdominal strength or bladder habits may also contribute to musculoskeletal dysfunction.

After evaluating the muscles, joints and/or nerves contributing to pain, our therapists will recommend modifications of posture and review proper body mechanics/bowel/bladder habits. Other treatments include soft tissue massage, mobilization, stretching and core stabilization.

If you suffer with any of the issues above, know that we are here to help you achieve results discreetly, and return you to the activities you love. Contact us today at Herriman & Eagle Mountain, UT centers to discover how we can help you and talk to one of our physical therapists today.

#1 best exercise for diastasis recti


Kim Brown, physical therapist, demonstrates the best exercise for diastasis recti


“After baby I wanted to heal fast and get my pelvic floor back to pre-pregnancy.  Kim helped with just the short amount of time I had before I moved.  She gave me exercises to continue getting stronger”

-Nicole B

“I had struggled for 17 years with vaginismus and sexual dysfunction/pain.  No doctor was ever able to identify the problem or even understand my symptoms.  I always left feeling embarrassed, misunderstood and like they thought it was all in my head.  Kim Brown heard my story and immediately knew what I need to do.  After just 2 months of therapy, I was almost completely cured and felt like a new person.  It has changed my life!  I cannot recommend her enough!!”


“I am a very active person.  I just had a baby & during my pregnancy I was not able to work out.  After I had my baby I thought it would be fun to rollerblade a 10k at the SLC marathon.  Well needless to say I over did it. That evening, I had horrible pain in my pubic symphysis.  With my busy schedule, I would do my exercises and stretches as often as I could throughout the week.  It has made a huge difference.  I no longer have pain waking me up at night.  It has been about two months & I am nearly pain free.  The only time I notice a flare up is if I haven’t been diligent with my exercises and stretching.  I really appreciate the care and knowledge Kim has provided me with.  I now have the tools to continue my progress at home.”


“I saw Kim Brown for diastasis recti (ab separation from pregnancies). I had previously been told by doctors that there was nothing you could do unless you wanted to get surgery. But Kim was able to help significantly. The separation in my abs is decreasing as is the pain in my back (from lacking core strength). She was also able to help me with pain from scar tissue from my c-sections.Kim was respectful, kind and knowledgeable. I loved going into the office because all the employees were friendly, knew who I was and they are all more than willing to help. I would highly recommend Beyond Limits Physical Therapy, particularly Kim Brown for diastasis recti treatments.”

-Alicia F