Category: Physical Therapists

kasia Jun3rd 2020

Kasia Romanowska

What I love about being a physical therapist is developing a therapeutic relationship with people and being by their side throughout the rehab journey. I enjoy working with different types of people of all ages and am able to treat the individual by seeing the whole person, not just the injury. I provide the tools

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Colby Critchfield May28th 2020

Colby Critchfield

“At my core is a love of people that has grown from years of giving service. I don’t believe that true happiness comes just from within oneself but from self-transcendence, from helping other people. We have all experienced pain or discomfort at one time and been unable to participate in things that we really wish

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Kim Brown May28th 2020

Kim Brown

I am a therapist with a passion for empowering patients with the tools to reduce their pain and get back to the lives they want to live. As a teenager I received physical therapy to overcome a significant and painful injury. Therapy gave me my life back, and my love of providing therapy centers on

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casey May28th 2020

Casey Colyar

“What I love about physical therapy is helping people live their lives again. Sustaining any injury or episode of pain is not the most fun thing. However, being able to assist a person in gaining their quality of life back is something I find very rewarding. It’s always neat to hear someone say they are

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preston May28th 2020

Preston Catmull

“I believe life is to be enjoyed, and for me, Physical Therapy plays a crucial role in helping people continue to live their lives to the max potential. The amount of time spent with each individual patient is invaluable. My goal is to build a quality relationship and understanding with each person so that we

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Jason Hall May28th 2020

Jason Hall

I have always been fascinated with the workings of the human body. My greatest passion in life is to help people which is why I became a physical therapist. As a physical therapist, nothing brings me more joy than seeing my patients return to good health and their active lifestyles.” My focus as a physical

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Matthew Sudweeks May28th 2020

Matthew Sudweeks

“A passion for sports and an interest in the human body and its amazing capabilities made a career in physical therapy a natural step for me. I enjoy working with and getting to know people on a personal level and helping them return to a lifestyle they enjoy. My goal is to provide top-notch physical

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shaun May28th 2020

Shaun Schulz

“To me, life is all about helping others, and physical therapy is the perfect medium to accomplish this. The close relationships I am able to build with my patients and seeing their lives change for the better without drugs or surgery brings me great joy.” “I realize each patient is unique, so I take time

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