Unhurried personalized care
for your unique needs.

You are unique and so is your condition. Thats why we take a personalized, one-on-one approach to your care. For one thing, youll always be seen by your physical therapist, not an aide. We take the time to get to know you by name and become familiar with your challenges so we can track your progress and partner with you on your road to recovery. Plus, our therapists are committed to the use of targeted manual therapy to relieve pain and improve function as fast as possible. Faster pain relief means fewer therapy appointments.

A patient-centered approach.

When pain, injury or impaired motion makes it difficult to enjoy life or perform necessary daily functions, it can leave you feeling frustrated, fearful, even depressed. At Beyond Limits Physical Therapy, we understand. Whether youre rebounding from a sports injury, in need of rehabilitation following surgery, recovering from a stroke or seeking specialized care for some other issue, you want a physical therapy practice that delivers the unhurried, personal one-on-one attention and hands-on care you deserve.

What Our Patients Say

“Matt Sudweeks is the very best in his field! He is knowledgable, professional and has a positive attitude to go along with it. He referred me to a surgeon that was top notch and my recovery went smooth thanks to...

David M.

“Matt, Jason and Kim are all amazing! They care about you and how you are healing and are very personable and friendly! They have a lot of useful knowledge that has helped me to heal better and strengthen my...

Janae M.

I found relief I never expected!

Anna M.

I got better faster than expected.


I loved the staff and treatment I was given.