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Herniated Disc Jan20th 2020

Could Your Back Pain be Caused by a Herniated Disc?

  Did you know that back pain is the highest reported area of pain across the United States? Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek physical therapy treatment. 60-80% of people will experience back pain of some sort in their lives, and it is likely that it may be

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Hip and Knee Pain Jan10th 2020

Find Relief for Your Hip and Knee Pain with Physical Therapy

  Your hips and knees provide complex movements for the body by incorporating multiple joints, muscles, and tendons. When there is damage to any of those joints, muscles, or tendons, it can make moving the hips or knees increasingly difficult. Luckily, with the help of physical therapy, you can find relief for your hip and

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sciatica pain relief with physical therapy Nov20th 2019

Suffering from Sciatica Pains? Find Relief Today

  Lumbar radiculopathy, commonly referred to as sciatica, is a common condition that many people experience. It occurs as a result of irritation to the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve of the body. It stretches from the lumbar spine through the buttocks, and pain from irritation is typically felt in the lower back.

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pre-hab relief with physical therapy Nov10th 2019

Get Back to Your Daily Life Quicker with Pre-hab

  It is common knowledge that post-surgical rehabilitation is necessary following almost any surgical procedure. This rehab is performed after surgery as a way to enhance the recovery process and help patients regain their mobility. But did you know you can also participate in rehab treatments before your surgery? Pre-surgical rehabilitation, commonly referred to as

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decrease pain and increase energy with these easy tips Oct20th 2019

Decrease Your Pain and Increase Your Energy with These 5 Easy Tips

  Are you looking for a way to relieve your aches and pains so you can get back to living your life comfortably? If so, our treatment services can greatly benefit you! Our dedicated physical therapists can provide you with the tools you need to decrease your pain and increase your energy, so your daily

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Relieving Your Pain the Natural Way - Physical Therapy as the Safer Relief Alternative Oct10th 2019

Improve Your Health, Strength, and Physical Activity with These 4 Simple Tips!

  It’s not always easy to be active. We’ve all been there – letting the dumbbells collect dust in the garage, throwing the yoga mat in the storage closet, constantly walking by the running shoes without a second glance. However, once you get in the habit of being habit, it becomes much easier. With these

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